About Us

...and why it matters.

We are Different

Every company says they are different, however our difference is embedded in our reason for starting the company in the first place. For years we worked for other companies, which made good products for career centers, however with a "business first" approach. Of course this makes sense because the goal of a business is to "create wealth for the company's shareholders". Though this may work for others, we decided that our goal would simply be happiness. Certainly we need to make enough to provide for our families, but being a million dollar national conglomerate has never interested us. We want to go to work each day and enjoy those we work with. We want others to enjoy working with us. We want everyone to be happy and enjoy their work as they help students meet their goals for a better life.

By taking this approach, we can help students, especially those returning as an adult, get the best result from the school they choose. Helping the school staff provide better services is our way to accomplishing that goal. That is our difference, just as a career center is "different" from Secondary Ed and Higher Ed. We're in it together to be different, thus to make a difference!

Why Choose Us

Because we don't just sell you a piece of software and say "Ok, go for it... that'll be $$$". Instead we work with you to best integrate the application into your environment and make it work with new processes that make sense, now that you have a new set of tools to help accomplish your goals.

What You Get

A team of dedicated individuals that have "been there". We all have worked as instructors, administrators or staff in career centers and community colleges. We know the pains of completing IPEDS reports, 1098Ts, etc., as well as the need to provide a professional outcome for the students.

Meet The Energy

So yes, we work a lot. We are up early each day and usually work after dinner for some time. Weekends? Sure thing. Of course we make time to play, but again, we love what we do and we know you are counting on us to ensure you have a smooth week, every week.

Meet The Team


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Support, Developer


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Our Family

Currently we serve schools in Ohio, Oklahoma and Arizona.
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The best way to begin working together is discussing how you would like to improve your services, as well as your ability to meet your obligations to the community.
Let us know how we can help you meet your goals... so let's talk!

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