What We Love To Do

The best use of a new system begins with a love for better processes and continual improvement thereafter. Why spend money to switch to a new system that does the same thing you are currently doing? Make sure a new system comes with better practices within the institution.


By working together, we can build better processes. Let us turn those ideas into a user interface that makes accomplishing your goals easy.


Acahdemix code is updated daily as new ideas emerge. Therefore, updates are made available between 6-10 times a year. Solutions can't wait!


We strive to offer great training materials to ensure everyone knows how to best serve your students. Online, In person, Videos and more...


We pride ourselves on our user support. Rarely does a question go unanswered on the same day that it is submitted. Your service to students can't wait for our service to you.

Some Notable Features

Achademix has many features and functions that help you manage the student's life cylce, as well as report on the data you maintain as applicable.
See below for some of the highlights.


Classroom, Clinical and Time Clock-style options...

Financial Aid

Drawdowns & Invoicing, Title IV and more...

Student Access

Payments online, view grade book, attendance and documents

Major Reports

IPEDS, Gainful Employment, 1098T and State Reports

Grade Book

Multi-course structure, custom grade scales, numeric and P/F...


Course management, weighted GPA, credentials & assessments.

Student Accounting

Auto-charging, cost-center management, deposits and A/R

Document Management

Required Documents, scanning, and categorization

...and oh, so many more things...

Assessment scores, Credential tracking, Required Documents per program, course or even funding source, Employer associations, Leave of Absence tracking, Advanced Standing calculation, Program Packaging (Budgets), customizable Invoice text, Payment Plan text, Financial Aid Award Letter text, Account Statement text, etc., customizable Forms using MS Word,

Our Family

Currently we serve schools in Ohio, Oklahoma and Arizona.
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The best way to begin working together is discussing how you would like to improve your services, as well as your ability to meet your obligations to the community.
Let us know how we can help you meet your goals... so let's talk!

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